The midwife: what training to become a midwife?

Although often considered "the best job in the world", the profession of the midwife is unknown. Many people mistakenly think that this is a specialized nurse in the paramedical field.

However, the midwife has a medical profession, has a prescription right specific to her activity and has followed a training of several years to become a midwife.

Becoming a midwife: Comprehensive and demanding training

1) General training

You have to follow five years of university studies after the bac to become a midwife. The first academic year at the Faculty of Medicine (PCEM1 = First Cycle of Medical Studies) is common to all studies in health, that is to say: to doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

2) Midwifery training

At the end of this first year of theoretical training, it is necessary to be ranked in rank useful to the contest to be able to choose to integrate a school of midwife. The studies then go on for four years, alternating between theoretical courses and compulsory internships in hospitals, clinics, PMIs, at midwives' homes ...

The following subjects are taught:
basic disciplines (anatomy, physiology, pathology, anesthesia-resuscitation, pharmacology, microbiology), obstetrics, pediatrics, gynecology, human sciences, public health, legislation, psychiatry and sexology, research. .

Recognition of the profession of the midwife

While a demanding five-year training is necessary to become a midwife (Master 2 level), the midwifery profession is recognized at the Bachelor level (three years of study). After strong mobilizations of students and professionals for recognition of their profession at its fair value, a "medical status of midwife hospitals" within the public hospital was finally obtained.

This change includes a better recognition of midwives' medical skills, but also a reinforcement of their responsibilities within the hospital and their training as well as an increase in their salary.

In addition, this new recognition begins already at the time of midwifery training. In order to reinforce the medical identity of the profession, students have the same status in their 4th year as students in medicine, pharmacy and odontology: they are then public officials and remunerated as such.

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