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The intimate toilet

The vagina is composed of vaginal flora: many germs that live in harmony.
The balance of the vaginal flora is very fragile, and must be preserved, because it is a protective barrier for germs from outside and can cause more or less serious infections. For these reasons, it is important to respect certain rules for your personal hygiene.

Good gestures for the intimate toilet

> Use the hand, rather than a washcloth that can keep and spread germs.

> Insist on the folds between the lips by spreading them apart and lifting the clitoris, but do not go too deep into the vagina, this may change the vaginal acidity.

> Prefer the shower to baths that can dry out the skin.

> Always wash "back and forth" (the vagina and then the anus area) so that you do not bring the germs back to the vagina.

> Rinse thoroughly.

> Dry with a clean towel to remove any moisture.

At what frequency ?

To avoid the proliferation of microbes, for personal hygiene, it is advisable to wash the sex once a day .

Attention, we talk about external toilet (vulva, lips and clitoris) only because the inside of the vagina is self-cleaning.

You can do extra personal hygiene during menstruation, after intercourse or after excessive sweating (sport, big heat).

What are the good things to prevent vaginal mycosis?

Intimate hygiene is essential to prevent the appearance of vaginal mycosis. We share all of our tips to apply in everyday life.

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