Brain tumor

The brain tumor is a rare and very heterogeneous disease. Every year in France, around 17/100 000 people are diagnosed with brain tumors.

A brain tumor is defined as an abnormal and excessive proliferation of cells, benign or malignant, forming a mass inside the skull.

Given the variability of intracranial tissues, the variability of brain tumor diagnoses is almost infinite.

Indeed, there is not only a brain tumor ... but brain tumors!

These are distinguished by their nature - defined by the type of cells that make up the tumor - and their location:

  • cerebral hemispheres (the most common in adults),
  • brainstem,
  • pituitary,
  • cerebellum, etc.

According to this typology, the clinical expression, the evolution and the management of the brain tumor differ. As difficult as this diagnosis may be, brain tumors are not all cancers.

Just as we consider among the so-called "malignant" tumors, different degrees of aggressiveness. Some are considered low grade, for the least aggressive, and high grade, for those who are more aggressive.

Because of the very clear differences between adult and child, here we will only discuss adult brain tumors.

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