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Acupuncture: Sources and notes

Organizations and useful addresses:

  • French Association of Acupuncture: //
  • French Association of Midwives Acupuncturists: //
  • Cultural Research and Study Center in Traditional Acupuncture (CCREAT): //
  • National Superior Council of Traditional Acupuncture (CSNAT)
  • French Federation of Traditional Chinese Energetics (FFETC): //
  • Institute of Energetics and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (IEATC): //


> Guiding Principles for Basic Training and Safety in Acupuncture Practice, WHO, 2001.

> WHO's Strategy for Traditional Medicine 2014-2023 (

> Website of the French Association of Acupuncture: //

> Tymowsky J.-C., et al, Acupuncture University Press of France, 2002. Stux, Clinical acupuncture scientific basis, Lavoisier, 2000. Health insurance (press service).

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Telemedicine: examples of use of telemedicine

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