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Sports nutrition: having the right basics!

Sport and nutrition: before, during and after physical activity, what do we eat? Roast beef to make muscle, or pasta for glycogen? And what are we drinking? Is the water moisturizing enough? And what about energy drinks, are they really effective?

Sometimes it's hard to understand what is the most appropriate diet to give our body the energy it needs to cope with sports training.

Whether you are a recreational athlete, or high-level athlete or professional ... What food should we put in place? Which nutrients should be used to seriously prepare the body to function optimally when you play sports, be competitive and effective, without taking too much head?

It goes without saying that, beside these dietary advice, a good hydration is essential: drinking, for example, before and during sports training! But what does it mean exactly, "sufficient hydration"?

In our file, you will find answers to all your questions!

Depending on his level of training, his physique, his age, his state of health ... here is plenty of information to feed and hydrate the best for a sporting activity.

To discover also the tips of Christophe Carrio, dietician and coach .
And finally: the food secrets of Delphine Pelletier, international triathlete, who gives practical recommendations for triathletes.

At bottom form ... training begins at the table!

In pictures: the ideal diet for athletes

Want to share, share your experience or need advice? Appointment in our FORUMS Sports, Food or Fitness - a doctor answers you !

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Author: Hélène Hodac.
Consultant expert: Christophe Carrio, dietician, coach.

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