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Breastfeeding: the position

For breastfeeding to go well, it is essential to find "your" good position . Because yes, there is not only one, but many positions to breastfeed!

The important thing is first and foremost to find the position in which you - and your baby - feel at ease: it is essential that you are comfortably settled and relaxed while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding sessions are (especially at the beginning) frequent and of a certain duration. Much to enjoy this special moment in the best conditions!

To be completely serene during breastfeeding, think first of all to calm down around you: pick up the phone, turn off your mobile phone, etc. If it helps you relax, do not hesitate to put some soft music.

Once you have created this conducive environment, you must find a correct position. This is essential for successful breastfeeding, avoiding muscle contractures and other breastfeeding problems such as cracks.

We present to you the three most popular breastfeeding positions :
- The position "Madonna"
- The position "rugby ball"
- The lying position

The position "madonna"

The "Madonna" position is the most frequently adopted nursing position.

The "Madonna" position is the most frequently adopted nursing position.

The mother sits with her back straight, and if necessary with a cushion.
The belly of the baby is positioned against that of the mother, his whole body is turned towards her. The baby is supported by the arm, his head in the crook of the mother's elbow.

The position "rugby ball"

Okay, the term is a bit special ... yet it's pretty common. The "rugby ball" position is very similar to the Madonna position. Except that the baby is not lying on the lap of his mother, with the belly glued against that of the mother, otherwise side: indeed, the baby is installed on the side, his feet backwards and his body under the mother's arm. Like a rugby ball that is held tightly by a player under the arm.

The position "rugby ball" can be recommended in case of pain or cracks.
It can also be used: to breastfeed twins simultaneously, if you have large breasts or if you have had a cesarean section.

The lying position

Breastfeeding lying down is very relaxing for the mother and the child.

In this position, the mother is lying on her side, her legs bent, a cushion possibly placed behind her back. The baby is lying on his side, facing the mother.

The lying position is convenient after a cesarean section or if the sitting position is uncomfortable. It also allows to rest while breastfeeding.

Some tips for breastfeeding:

Regardless of which breastfeeding position you choose, your back should be well supported, with cushions or, even better, a nursing pillow, or by putting your feet on a low stool.

Another tip: change your breastfeeding position at each feeding. Depending on its position, your baby will put pressure on different areas of the nipple.

Note: If you have delivered by caesarean section, you may have difficulty finding a comfortable position. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your midwife or doctor.

Also do not forget to respect some elementary hygiene rules, such as: wash your hands, keep the breasts dry between two feedings (using if necessary clean compresses or breast pads), ....

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