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Abortion (abortion): the steps

Before considering the procedures for an abortion, remember that in France, abortion can be practiced until the 12th week of pregnancy, or 14 weeks after the last menstrual period (weeks of amenorrhea = AS).

Only a doctor (in the city in case of drug ivg) or hospital (drug or surgical ivg) can practice an abortion. At the same time, a doctor may refuse to practice an abortion (conscience clause) or simply not be competent to do so; he must immediately inform the patient and give him all the useful information and refer him to neighboring institutions that practice abortions (centers of orthogeny) or the name of doctors.

>> To find out more about the legal delay of abortion in France, read also our article: abortion: deadline and deadline

The steps have been simplified

Previously, it was mandatory to have a medical consultation before programming the abortion (with a period of reflection of a week provided by law). This provision was removed, this period of reflection had the effect of making women feel guilty ... as if their decision had not been nourished upstream by a reflection! Now the first consultation allows the doctor to explain possible solutions to terminate the unwanted pregnancy, depending on the date of conception. And possibly to initiate the voluntary termination of pregnancy if it is done by medication.

The doctor begins by precisely dating the pregnancy to know what stage it is (sometimes with laboratory tests, an ultrasound). The doctor explains the different types of abortion depending on the stage of the pregnancy. It also explains the means and effects of different types of abortions by medication or surgery.

Most women are determined with respect to abortion, some feel guilty ... If the doctor perceives hesitations, he talks about it with the woman, can offer him a small period of reflection. The doctor systematically offers a consultation-interview with a marriage and family counselor to all women seeking abortion. They can refuse. But this mandatory consultation for minors.

If the woman is decided, a written consent is signed by the woman and is slipped into the medical file.
A consultation with an anesthesiologist is necessary if the abortion is planned surgically.

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