2nd month of pregnancy

You are now 2 months pregnant , and you are living an important phase of your pregnancy . But what exactly happens during this period?

At 2 months of pregnancy you are in the embryonic period, it is the moment of the early development of the future baby.

The organs are sketched and begin to form. The mother-to-be, as for her, generally knows the evils of the pregnancy: nauseas, vomiting, important secretion of saliva ... Here are some advices to live in the best this period of the pregnancy.

The evolution of the baby at 2 months of pregnancy

The 2nd month of pregnancy (7-10th day) corresponds to the embryonic period. The baby is then called embryo. This period is characterized by organogenesis: the organs are drawn and differentiated.

At the 7th SA, the embryo only measures between 16 and 18 mm, the lower and upper eyelids develop, the outer ears appear

Between the 8th SA and the 9th SA, the embryo measures about 20 mm. The face is drawn because of the retraction between the forehead and the draft of the nose, the nostrils appear, the organs are outlined.

Towards the 10th SA, the embryo, at 30 mm, is characterized by the outline of the brain which represents more than a third of the whole embryo. The nervous system and the marrow are vascularized.

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