5th month of pregnancy

That's it, you're entering the second half of your pregnancy. At 5 months of pregnancy, that is, between 21 and 24 weeks of amenorrhea (AS), your status as a pregnant woman becomes less and less unnoticed, and you begin to feel the presence of your baby ...

5 months of pregnancy: baby's evolution

What happens to the baby side in the 5th month of pregnancy? Here are the most important elements of its development:

  • The fetus is growing fast, and all its organs are already in place. It weighs about 500 g and measures 25 cm.
  • He is more and more mobile and changes position several times a day. You should start feeling his kicks .
  • From 22 weeks, your baby is yawning, swallowing amniotic fluid and urine.
  • His senses develop, but his eyes are closed. He hears the beating of your heart and hears your voice, and especially that of his dad, because his ear is more sensitive to bass sounds.

Changes in the pregnant woman at 5 months of pregnancy

  • In the 5th month of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is now very low, which reassures very often the future mothers.
  • It's time to decorate your wardrobe with more outfits, as your pregnant belly grows, and you'll feel comfortable in your clothes.
  • Small discomfort sometimes occur in mid-pregnancy: gastric burns, constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, cramps ... Do not worry, treatments and practical advice exist to reduce the symptoms, even if they will not be fully resolved so far.

But during your pregnancy, avoid self-medication and always seek the advice of your doctor.

  • Important vaginal secretions and frequent urges to urinate also often occur towards the end of the 5th month.

Quiz on the belly of the pregnant woman

When does the belly of the pregnant woman start to see each other? What does its shape say about baby sex? And what is linea nigra? Test your knowledge!

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