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Basketball: Precautions to take

Accidents and minor common problems

They can be due to a fall, a collision with another player or a bad reception of the ball on the fingers:
- sprained ankle, the number one problem for basketball players
- other sprains: ankle, knee, wrist, fingers,
- fractures: wrist, forearm, shin, foot, fingers,
- Tendonitis: shoulder, Achilles tendon, foot, leg, knee.

Precautions to take

Here are some tips to avoid accidents and other worries well known by athletes:
- warm up well and stretch,
- to limit ankle sprains, common in basketball, we can put a strapping to the ankles,
- drink regularly,
- know your limits.

In addition to this sheet, read our files:
> Take care of sports accidents
> Sport: do not hurt yourself!

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