Liver cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, liver cancer affects around 7, 600 people a year in France.

The difficulty is that liver cancer almost never shows symptoms early in its development. For this reason, increased vigilance for people at risk and regular exams are good assets to guard against. Nevertheless, treatments (surgery, radiofrequency) can heal the patient effectively.

The reasons for liver cancer are well identified. It may be a so-called primitive cancer, that is to say that develops directly from cancerous liver cells. Or it can also be metastasis: cancer cells from another organ will locate and multiply in the liver.

The liver is the largest organ of our organism, particularly vascularized. This explains that cancer cells from other organs (digestive tract, breast ...) metastasize to the liver.

To make the diagnosis of liver cancer, the doctor asks the patient many questions about these possible medical history: hepatitis? alcohol consumption ? antecedent of cancer? Of course, medical examinations are essential.

In this article, written with a hospital specialist gastroenterologist and oncologist, discover the causes, symptoms and treatments of liver cancer.

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