The chalazion

The chalazion is the little known name of a very common problem that affects the eyelid .

An eyelid that blushes, swells, that heats but does not hurt very badly: these are the first symptoms of the chalazion. Be careful not to be confused with the stye.

The chalazion is an inflammation of one or more glands located in the depths of the eyelids and called Meibomian glands.

These glands secrete lipids (sebum) which sometimes are too viscous and difficult to exit excretory ducts. There is an accumulation of these lipids in the gland or glands and therefore an inflammation.

The chalazion is therefore a benign affection quite common, but which often hampers the life of the people who suffer from it. It is manifested by an eyelid that blushes in one place. The more this redness can disappear with time. A small ball can sometimes form, it can be cystic in the eyelid, and then tends to stay in place. The chalazion is not always painful. It is especially unattractive.

The problem is that - after being treated and after disappearing - the chalazion may reoffend.

To read this article on the chalazion written with a specialist doctor, an ophthalmologist ...

Author: Ide Parenty.
Expert Consultant: Prof. Thanh Hoang-Xuan, Head of the Ophthalmology Unit at the American Hospital in Paris.

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