Deodorant: organic deodorants

The boom in organic products has largely gained ground in recent years, especially when it comes to cosmetics - and organic deodorants. And what's more natural than to wish to have a feeling of freshness while respecting your body and protecting your health with a natural deodorant?

Deodorant without aluminum, paraben and other chemical substances: we are more and more likely to want to avoid exposure to chemicals contained in many cosmetic products, while respecting the environment at the same time. For this purpose, the choice of natural deodorants seems to be essential.

While the effectiveness of organic deodorants has long been disputed, their benefits seem to convince more and more consumers. Also, the offer of organic deodorants is increasingly wide: roll-on, spray, cream or natural Alum stone, baking soda ... Antiperspirants and natural deodorants are now available in all forms.

Are organic deodorants effective?

It is true that natural deodorants are less effective than "traditional" deodorants which, with their aluminum salts, therefore reduce perspiration. If organic deodorants can not therefore allow miracles, it must be said that there are great differences depending on the products: more or less covering odors, efficiency more or less prolonged ... The best advice that can be given so try to test several to find the natural deodorant that is best.

Namely: Alum stone naturally contains aluminum, but this natural aluminum salt differs from aluminum chlorohydrate, which is suspected of damaging our health. Then, the content remains below the maximum amounts recommended by the authorities.

Sweating: the causes of a change of sweat

It masks its smell with deodorants or antiperspirants, yet perspiration is an indicator of health. Stronger odors, why?

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