The Tracking Of Lost Oporose

Screening for osteoporosis: who are the people at risk?

Interview with Laurence Carton, Vice President of AFLAR (French Association of Antirheumatic Fighting).

Is osteoporosis a hard life to live on a daily basis?

Laure Carton : It's a disabling illness on a daily basis. In general, the problem is that one acts too late and the person has already been a victim of a fracture. Terms like "vertebral compression", which occurs in fracture osteoporosis, are terms that are not scary. But it is a pain of the back to the daily sometimes very severe, and always disabling. In addition, these fractures are not like the fractures of children who are plastered and restored in a few weeks. The osteoporosis-affected population will recover poorly from fractures such as wrist fracture, which is more common than femoral neck fracture. Often, it is the harbinger of a second fracture.

Who is at risk of osteoporosis?

LC: There are people who are at greater risk than others of osteoporosis. Against the genetic factor, there is unfortunately nothing. But if a person has had a fracture following a minimal shock, it is a fracture osteoporosis, and there is still time to develop the home, re-educate for balance, adjust medications and improve eyesight for example, for avoid future falls and reduce risk.
There are also other factors that make the bone fragile: such as certain endocrine diseases or inflammatory diseases, and cancer that require the use of cortisone. There are richer factors on which one can act: not more than a glass of wine a day, and no tobacco that prevents the good bone turnover.

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