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Runny nose

"Fly your nose! How many times did you hear that phrase when you were a child? It is true that a kid with a runny nose is almost a must in early childhood. But not only: in adulthood, for a passing pollen, or a ray of sun too much, it's gone ... we have the runny nose.

But what makes our noses run? Allergies, viruses, microbes ... or just a small vascular fragility? A brief review of the thousand and one reasons to have a drop in your face!

Even if everyone knows what it is, the runny nose is defined medically. This is a runny nose, in other words, a rhinorrhea. This flow can be anterior: it is the drop in the nose, it flows and it is embarrassing. Or, the flow can be posterior: it is in the throat that it flows. And then in people with lung disorders, some complications may occur ...

When one has a runny nose, it is usually enough to take his trouble, and use symptomatic treatments until it passes. However, complications can sometimes occur.

If the phlegm stagnates too long, they can take on bacteria and cause ear infections, especially in children.

In people with pulmonary problems, internal discharge can similarly cause bronchial superinfections.

The best known remedies for treating colds: True or False?

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    Author ; Sylvie Charbonnier.
    Consultant Expert: Dr. Jean-Yves Guillaume, ENT-Head and Neck Surgeon.

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