The piercing

To sport a piercing is more and more banal. But being pierced is still a small trauma for the body. Better to ask the right questions and take some precautions before acting out.

Choosing the right piercer

For obvious reasons of hygiene and safety, the choice of the piercer is essential. The new regulations in force now require the pierceurs to declare their activity to the prefecture, and to have followed a short specific training. The piercing salon must absolutely include an independent room, exclusively reserved for performing interventions.

The material used must be sterile and disposable. So many things to check before starting. The key here: feeling confident.

How's it going ?

After having explained in detail the procedure and recommended the care to follow, the piercer begins by cleaning and disinfecting the area concerned. He will then mark the piercing point with a special marker, and isolate the area with a hollow plier.

Then comes the moment of the piercing itself: the piercer then introduces the needle, or the catheter, then he installs the jewel. Finally, he cleans the wound and eventually applies a bandage.

The healing of the piercing

It may be longer or shorter depending on the location, but it still requires careful care. To avoid complications, only one watchword: impeccable hygiene.

The basic rules:

  • Washing hands is essential before, but also after handling the jewel.
  • Avoid "playing" or constantly pulling on the piercing.
  • To avoid "hanging" the piercing, avoid wearing tight clothing.
  • Never apply alcohol to clean the wound, or fat (cream or moisturizer) during healing.

Cares :

  • Rinse first with lukewarm water to gently remove secretions and other small dry crusts.
  • Then proceed to wash: use for this a special antibacterial soap and turn the piercing on itself. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Finally, gently dry with a gauze pad.

For lingual piercings:

  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol immediately after the procedure.
  • Choose foods that are easy to chew during the first few days, and if possible, not too hot or too cold. And proceed to a mouthwash after each meal.

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