The soup diet

This "diet" of 7 days (followed by a stabilization phase of 7 days) is based on the absorption of soups, combined with 2 or 3 other foods depending on the day. Everything to consume at will.

The soup is made from seasonal vegetables (onion, cabbage, tomato, celery, carrot ...), boiled in large broths for about ten minutes, then simmered until they are tender. Vegetables are neither milled nor mixed to increase their satiating effect.

The soup contains foods rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, and also has the advantage of bringing water in large quantities. This "diet" should not be undertaken in the long term, at the risk of causing nutritional deficiencies.

7 days of dieting

Here is an example of a week that can be proposed to the followers of this "diet":

1st day: soups + fruits.

2nd day: soups and vegetables at will, fresh, raw or cooked. Choose green vegetables.

3rd day: soups + fruits and green vegetables.

4th day: soups + banana and skimmed milk.

5th day: soups + meat or fish.

6th day: soups + brown rice, fruits.

7th day: soups + meat or fish and green vegetables.

For the

Weight loss can be fast and important (around 5 kilos).

The recommended foods provide vitamins and minerals that are often recommended from a nutritional point of view. Water intake is also a plus.

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