Hair care: After-shampoo care

They apply after the shampoo, on towel dried hair, and require a break time of a few minutes (the break time is indicated on the packaging).

The detanglers facilitate the disentangling of the hair, smoothing the scales.

Masks have a deeper effect. They are essential for dry hair or weakened by external aggressions such as discoloration, coloring, permanent, repeated blow drying, wind, sun ... To optimize the effects of the mask, surround your hair with a hot towel and lengthen the break time .

Some treatments are without rinsing; this is the case of serum, which in a few drops, fill the asperities of the hair and bring them shine.

Hair health and nutrition

The beauty of the hair also comes from within, hence the importance of a balanced diet. Proteins, iron, zinc, B vitamins and sulfur are particularly important. Cures of special dietary supplements hair can bring you these elements; they are generally to be followed for 3 months.

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