If there is no miracle product capable of completely transforming sexuality, there are, however, certain foods and substances that stimulate desire and favor the coming of pleasure: the aphrodisiacs.

Here is a glimpse of these aphrodisiac products that might bring a little more to your sexuality ...

Chocolate, coffee

Both contain exciting substances that promote the secretion of endorphin, pleasure hormone.

Wine, champagne

Indispensable to any romantic dinner, they would also contain a substance with disinhibiting actions. To consume with moderation however: for obvious reasons of health; but also because too much alcohol can also disturb our emotions and sensations ... and have rather "anti-aphrodisiac" effects.


In addition to this magic of awakening the taste of a dish, they are also given the power to warm the body and therefore aphrodisiac effects:

  • Thus mustard contains a substance that stimulates the action of the sex glands.
  • The pepper, rich in vitamin C (vitamin of the effort), activates the circulation and has vasodilatory and stimulating properties of the nervous system.
  • Saffron enhances the sexual appetite with a vegetable hormone stimulating and toning virtues.
  • Coriander, rich in phytoestrogens, is rather reserved for women on whom it has an aphrodisiac action.
  • Finally clove increases blood flow, and thus ensures better irrigation of organs, including sexual.

In pictures: the 15 benefits of sex on our health!

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