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Acne scars

After having finished with the attacks of pimples, it happens that the face has many scars of acne.

More or less visible and unsightly, these acne scars can be a source of genes, complex, sometimes as much as the buttons themselves. Notably because of this fear of keeping these disgusting traces for ... always.

Fortunately, there are nowadays solutions to get rid of them, if not to blur them clearly.

The different types of acne scars

There are different types of acne scars, more or less regular, more or less deep, the scars depend on the importance of acne attacks and the treatment that has been reserved for them.

Flat scars, called "crater"

With a round shape more or less clear, they form small depressions on the surface of the skin, giving it sometimes a hail. Shallow, they have a flat surface that makes them look like small craters.

Scars called "ice pick" .

Much deeper than the previous ones, they are also much narrower, and recall the marks left by a needle stitch for example.

"Blistered" scars

It sometimes happens that the scars, instead of a hollow aspect, have an aspect in relief. Inflammation of the tissues will cause a kind of mini-fibrosis on the surface of the skin, and cause the formation of what looks like mini-cysts.

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