The Idiots Consequences Of Certain Diseases On Nails

The consequences of certain diseases on the nails: psoriasis and skin cancer

Small holes on the nail

Some skin diseases sometimes can also affect the nails. Thus psoriasis, which is a fairly common autoimmune disease (in France, about 3 million people suffer), can have more or less serious forms.

Sometimes the lesions last only a few days at the elbows for example, which is not too troublesome. Other times, psoriasis can be very severe and affect the joints (as in the case of psoriatic arthritis).

Nails may be affected, causing nail psoriasis. The lesions are characterized by dots on the nail, light brown spots towards the base of the nail, then a thickening of the tip of the nail.

The treatment of psoriasis can be difficult and painful (especially for severe forms).

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A stain or black line not to neglect

A spot or a dark line that appears on the nail, specifically under the nail, should not be overlooked. If it appears after a trauma, it is likely that it is related to the occurrence of a hematoma. If his size is modest, he will recover on his own (be careful if this lesion remains).

If a small black line appears spontaneously, it is better to show it to a general practitioner, or better to a dermatologist. Because it is important to detect as soon as possible a possible melanoma to treat it as soon as possible. This cancer that appears under a nail, is quite rare, but it is very worrying hence the need for screening and early diagnosis.
This subungual melanoma is more common in people with colored skin, and after the age of fifty.

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The particular case of digital clubbing: what is it exactly?

The first time, it is Hippocrates who described this disease several centuries before JC, from where the name of this anatomical particularity. We know little about its causes.

The clubbing digital is characterized by a deformation of the last phalanges of the fingers which thicken and widen. The nails are bulging, rather shiny. The ends of the fingers take the appearance of "drumstick".

Digital clubbing may be related to a genetic anomaly (autosomal dominant mutation affecting mostly men) that may appear in infants or adolescents (which is very rare).

There are also so-called secondary forms, more frequent, generally related to a specific disease such as:

  • sarcoidosis,
  • lupus,
  • cirrhosis,
  • acromegaly,
  • an endocarditis,
  • lung damage that can be serious like cancer, etc.

But sometimes, we do not find any particular underlying disease.

Illustration of the anatomy of the nail

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