Anti-smoking consultations. It's for you ?

And if to stop smoking, you would call in specialists. Since 1998, the public authorities have put in place anti-smoking consultations? They are about 600 in all France.

Open to all, anti-smoking centers help you wean yourself off tobacco use. Often advised by the attending physician, it is important to follow the road to a complete stop as often as possible, in order to obtain good results.

The calendar is usually punctuated by a weekly consultation, at the same cost as a consultation with a general practitioner. It is important to know that this is reimbursed by health insurance.

The duration of follow-up and the form of treatment will depend on the patient's starting dependence on tobacco. Psychological support is essential and in some cases psychotherapy may be necessary.

In this folder, discover the operation of these anti-smoking centers, the means to find one near you, and the treatments that will be offered to you. Get more practical information and read the advice of a tobacco expert and a former smoker who after consulting, stopped more than two years ago ... and has not relapsed since.

Author: Nathalie Mathieu.
Expert consultant: Dr Joëlle Visier, tobacco expert.
Update: January 2011.

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