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The child's teeth: Fluoride

Fluoride is a trace element constituting the human framework. It is also a building material for enamel, which plays an important role in caries prevention. However, fluoride intake should be carefully measured: too much fluoride can cause changes in the structure of the enamel (fluorosis, ie white spots on the teeth). A few years ago, fluoride supplements were routinely given to children. This approach is now abandoned.

Fluoride supplementation is not routinely recommended until six months of age. After the age of six months, the routine use of fluoride should be adjusted according to the risk of cavities.

  • In a child with no particular risk of tooth decay, brushing twice a day with a toothpaste with a fluoride content adapted to the age of the child is recommended. The prescription of fluorine supplements is not recommended.
  • In a child at risk of high caries, in addition to brushing, fluoride supplementation is recommended as soon as the first teeth appear.

To learn more, check out our file on fluorine, its functions and the foods that contain it.

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Source: Use of fluoride in the prevention of tooth decay before the age of 16 years. Focus. October 2008. Afssaps. M'T Teens: prevention appointments for children and teenagers. Health Insurance. Updated 04/08/2008.

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