The best cooking methods: Are there better oils than others?

> The opinion of Professor David Khayat, oncologist:

There is really an oil that is not good for health: it is palm oil, especially at high temperatures.

Otherwise, vegetable oils are generally good. Whether you use olive oil, sunflower, or grape seed.

All these oils all have the same calories (around 1kJ / 9 kcal / g). So there are about 90 calories in a tablespoon of oil.

> The opinion of Dr Laurence Plumey, nutritionist:
For cooking oils, saturated fats are very resistant to high temperatures and that is why we used palm bread, tallow, lard or coconut (the famous vegetal) to cook food, even make the fries.

But currently we are monitoring the impregnation of saturated fats of these oils in the food they cook and that is why we recommend instead, in cooking, sunflower oils, even better olive or even goose fat or duck that are equally resistant but are oils rich in omega 9 (monounsaturated) and omega 6, heat resistant.

On the other hand, keep rapeseed oil or nuts for salad dressings!

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