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The lungs: indispensable organs

The lungs are vital organs and responsible for our breathing. They make it possible to rid the blood of the carbon dioxide produced by the cells of the organism and to replace it with the oxygen necessary for their operation.

The lungs: where are they located?

The lungs are located in the thorax, under the ribs. There are 2 of them:

  • The right lung, consisting of 3 lobes,
  • The left lung, consisting of 2 lobes, leaving room for the heart under the ribs.

Between the 2 lungs is a space, the mediastinum, through which passes the esophagus, trachea and bronchi and where are the heart, large vessels as well as lymphatic vessels and ganglia.

The pleura

The lungs are surrounded by 2 sheets that form the pleura: one of the sheets is glued to the chest, the other to the lungs. They slide against each other; between the two is a virtual cavity.

This is the pleura, which allows the lungs to stick to the chest wall. When the air enters the pleura, the lung is detached from the wall, it curls up on its bronchus and is no longer functional; it is a pneumothorax.

When the pleura is inflammatory (infection, cancer, ...) "water" appears between the 2 layers; we talk about pleurisy.

To better understand, here is a schematic presentation of the lungs:

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