Triglycerides: treatments

What treatments for elevated triglycerides?

> Dietary advice is essential, and these are the first to apply, with the recommendations of lifestyle hygiene (increase in physical activity).

> You should also know that fish oils have a beneficial effect on triglyceride levels. We are no longer at the time of cod liver oil, all this is now in the form of capsules (dietary supplements).

> Medications are very effective. They are usually indicated when dietary recommendations are insufficient. These are fibrates, derivatives of fibric acid. They are lipid-lowering drugs (drugs that lower the level of lipids in the blood). They lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and are prescribed by a doctor.

By reducing the level of triglycerides, fibrates help reduce LDL cholesterol - called "bad" cholesterol. But in studies, fibrates have not always prevented myocardial infarction ...

Too much cholesterol: foods to avoid

To remember

A healthy lifestyle is a good guarantee to avoid an excess of triglycerides. Eating well, that is to say without excess of fast sugars and moving enough, having a regular physical activity, the risks of hypertriglyceridemia are almost null.
The enemies are fast sugars, alcohol, excess weight and sedentary lifestyle.

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