Varicose veins

When we hear about varicose veins, we mainly think of varicose veins. Indeed, they are frequent at this level, and we see them!

Varicose veins can also appear in the esophagus and, in humans, in the testicles (we speak of varicocele), etc.

In this article, only venous insufficiency and varicose veins of the lower limbs will be treated.

At the level of the legs, there are superficial veins under the skin, which we can see: they are in communication by perforating veins with a deeper venous network.

The whole flows into large veins (as streams flow into rivers of increasing importance) and back to the heart through the inferior vena cava. Then, after the heart, the blood goes into the pulmonary arteries to the lungs.

Inside the veins of the lower limbs, there is a non-return system (anti-reflux) thanks to the presence of valves that close like a valve to prevent the blood from refluxing.

In case of advanced venous insufficiency, when in particular the anti-reflux system no longer works well, portions of veins dilate ... varicose veins may then appear.

Beware of blood circulation disorders!

The disorders of the blood circulation can be related to the heart, the arteries or the veins, which constitutes very different pathologies ... The point on this frequent disorder

Venous insufficiency and the occurrence of varicose veins are common, especially in women. Full of small and large means delay the appearance or the evolution of a venous insufficiency ... in particular the contention. The treatments are to be adapted according to the situation, according to each case.

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Authors: Dr. MC Bonduelle, Dr. Nicolas Evrard
Expert consultant: Dr. Valérie Fraeyman, aesthetic doctor and phlebologist.

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