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Stretch marks

Whether they appear in adolescence, after pregnancy or after a change in weight, everyone may be concerned with stretch marks. Why and when do they appear? Is it possible to prevent them? How to make them less visible?

Stretch marks are streaks, streaks of the skin in length that appear especially when mechanical stresses and hormonal changes occur. Stretch marks can be purplish or red, and become silvery white later. They usually become less visible over time, but they never disappear completely.

Women and men can have stretch marks on many parts of their body. However, women are at greater risk for stretch marks than men because of - among other things - the frequent hormonal imbalances they experience during their lives.

Some people may be more predisposed than others to have stretch marks. They are indeed a genetic inheritance: if in your family, if your mother had stretch marks during the pregnancy, you have more risks to have some too ...

Find in this article everything you need to know about stretch marks, causes, treatments to mitigate, tips to prevent the appearance.

To read also our file: How to make disappear the stretch marks?

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