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Stomach: Cancer of the stomach

Stomach cancer affects just over 7, 000 people a year in France. It most often concerns people from 65-70 years old, and more men than women.
The symptoms of stomach cancer are not specific: stomach pain, loss of appetite, weight loss. Treatment is primarily surgical, consisting of removing the diseased stomach part. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the whole stomach, and the esophagus will be connected directly to the top of the intestine.

The gastric ring

In cases of severe obesity, gastric banding is sometimes indicated for rapid weight loss for health reasons. The gastric band requires a surgical procedure, with the aim of significantly reducing the capacity of the stomach. The consequences are binding. Meals should be in very small quantities and for 30 to 45 minutes. This operation must be decided in consultation with the patient, the nutritionist, a psychologist and the surgeon.

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