Meningitis of the child: the testimony of a mother

The testimony of Solange, mother of a small Yannis who has been a victim of meningitis.

Your child had meningitis when he was a baby. Tell us...

Yannis was five months old. He had received all his vaccinations, and he went to the nursery for a few weeks. It was winter. He directly caught a cold that turned into otitis. Finally, the classic shot. He had a fever and was tired. The doctor had prescribed antibiotics.

A week later, he still had a fever. And even worse, his fever was only increasing. I went back to the doctor who asked me if I gave him his medication. Of course, that I gave them to him correctly! In the night, he had a kind of gastro. He began to vomit. He really had a lot of fever.

With my husband, we panicked and took him to the emergency room. And I think we did well. He could have died. In the hospital, he was immediately lumbar puncture and the diagnosis fell: meningococcal meningitis. He had more than 40 ° C fever. When we got to the ER, he began to convulse. Just arriving in the lobby. It was terrible.

Then how did it go?

Our child was hospitalized for three weeks. He had an early brain abscess. The doctors were very afraid of the after-effects. Our child was receiving the infusion treatments. A tiny baby connected everywhere. It was very impressive, but he was saved.

And I can say that at the hospital, I met parents whose child had the same thing, but who could not be saved. It's going very fast. A few hours and you can lose your child.

Is he okay now?

Yes. We were a little afraid he would be late. He did not speak very early. It did not work very early. I do not know if it's related to the meningitis he had. But he's fine.

It's been over two and a half years now. And that's fine. But it's us, my husband and I, who are totally shocked. As soon as he has a fever, we tend to panic. We watch him a lot. More likely than a child who would not have this disease. We know that it can go fast.

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