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Metastasis: the symptoms

The symptoms of a metastasis are usually very close to those caused by a primary tumor.

Thus, it happens that one immediately discovers in some patients, a cancerous metastasis. The patient suffers from certain symptoms (pain, fatigue ...), and after various examinations, sometimes a metastasis is diagnosed.

The various explorations carried out in the patient (and in particular the laboratory study of the possible cells taken) will make it possible to know the cancer of origin.

Example: in case of persistent back pain (lumbar region) in a man, it is sometimes possible to diagnose a vertebral metastasis of prostate cancer.

Other times, a metastasis is discovered in a patient who is already cared for a cancerous disease, and who is regularly followed. It is by performing this monitoring that the doctor can diagnose a metastasis, without the patient necessarily suffering from a particular symptom.


Various explorations are carried out to diagnose a metastasis: a blood test makes it possible to assay serum markers; medical imaging examinations (scanner, MRI, scintigraphy ..).

A sample of the metastatic tumor and its laboratory analysis is also sometimes necessary.

In case of discovery of a metastasis, different complementary examinations are carried out to make a general assessment of the cancerous disease.

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