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Contraceptive methods: test your knowledge

Pill, condom, IUD, implant, patch ... contraceptive methods available in France are numerous and it is not always easy to navigate. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, related to practical, medical, and other issues.

What is the difference between the pill and the patch? What is best for me: the copper or progesterone IUD?

Each contraceptive has different characteristics, efficacy and use. Single or in a couple, the needs in this area are not the same: it is important to find the most suitable method for your lifestyle.

In order to minimize the risk of unwanted pregnancy and abortion, it is important to choose the method of contraception that is most appropriate ... being perfectly informed (you can possibly consult a generalist, a gynecologist, or a midwife).

> Take stock of your knowledge of different contraceptive methods, their legal framework, their reimbursement ... but also on the abortion, by performing our quiz and you will have so much practical information about them.

> For more information, read also our interview with Professor Jacques Lansac, hospital gynecologist.

What to do if your partner refuses the condom?

Authors: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy, Clémentine Fitaire and Dr. Nicolas Evrard.
Expert consultant: Pr Jacques Lansac, gynecologist at Tours University Hospital.
March 2015.

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