Lose weight after pregnancy

The young mother you are discovering the joys of motherhood. But sometimes, a look in the mirror makes you regret your figure before, and these kilos-memories of the pregnancy you worry a little.

Be reassured: you are not alone with your concern. Having a baby changes your life, and it changes the body, and it takes time for the body to regain some balance. Give yourself time to lose weight after pregnancy and find your front line ... and go smoothly!

It's easy to say? To help you lose weight after pregnancy with confidence, you will find in our file many tips to tame your new body, find a balance, resume the sport smoothly and reconcile diet and breastfeeding.

Do not miss the advice of the nutritionist who reveals valuable information on weight loss after childbirth.
Then check out our video on postnatal yoga to discover the benefits of this discipline on a physical and mental level!

To lose weight after pregnancy: Tame your new body!

Now that you have returned home and that little by little, you have made your mark with your little one, remains a problem of weight (precisely!): Your silhouette.

Even if you have lost almost all the pounds you had accumulated during your nine months of pregnancy, you sometimes feel like you live in the body of another ...

Your waistline has retained some curves that you passed well before, your hips are a little too blooming to your taste, and generally, you feel soft. Your muscles seem to have given way to cellulite. In short, your figure lacks tone, and you vitality.

Hence the idea of ​​taking control, and start a small regime to erase the extra pounds and regain your good mood! But beware, strained during pregnancy and weakened by childbirth, your body needs first to recharge its batteries.

No question, then, of traumatizing it again with too restrictive diets. It is not uncommon to have between 3 and 5 pounds to lose, sometimes more, but before thinking about losing weight after pregnancy, the most important thing is to find your balance.

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Author: Stéphanie Thibault.
Expert consultants: Dr. Agnès Monnier-Vaquette, nutritionist physician, and Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet (video post-natal yoga).

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