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Stomach ache: treatments

Treatments for abdominal pain depend on the disorder or disease that causes them.

Since there are many causes of stomach pain, the choice of these treatments is also very wide: in "simple" constipation (due to stress, poor nutrition, or lack of physical activity), example, it is often enough to consider solutions to activate the transit: dietary advice, avoid sedentary lifestyle, drink more ... finally consider a mild laxative treatment if nothing is done.

The majority of gastroenteritis is of viral origin. And apart from rehydration care, symptomatic treatments to stop nausea, and diarrhea, there is usually nothing else to do ... Some intestinal infections (bacterial), however, require antibiotic treatment.

When pain is caused by gastric hyperacidity, proton pump inhibitors (eg pantoprazole or omeprazole) may help.

If a bowel tumor causes abdominal pain, surgery may be necessary. It is therefore very important to determine the exact cause of pain before starting any treatment.

Sometimes surgery is urgent in case of abdominal pain: appendicitis, peritonitis, cholecystitis, etc.

If a chronic stomach ache fails to be resolved, it is certainly best to contact a gastroenterologist specialist.

If belly pain is menstrual-related (menstrual pain), symptomatic treatment - a treatment that relieves pain, is appropriate. Often, rest, relaxation and antispasmodic, a hot water bottle and possibly, in case of severe abdominal pain, anti-pain (eg ibuprofen) help in these cases. But in case of menstrual pain, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist to determine the reasons for pain, especially endometriosis.

In pictures: 15 tips to save your stomach

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