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Headache: treatments

The diagnosis of various headaches is made by a doctor applying a systematic approach that is primarily based on clinical signs.

This clinical approach leaves a large part to the interrogation (the doctor asks the patient innumerable questions about his pains, the circumstances of occurrence ...), and can in certain cases require the realization of complementary examinations notably radiological.

A general practitioner is the first practitioner to consult, in case of difficulty of diagnosis, or treatment, a neurologist can also be consulted. The patient can also go to a pain center.


Treatments usually start with an analgesic medicine (against pain), also often taken in self-medication: aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen.

For other drugs, it will be necessary to consult for a precise diagnosis. More potent analgesic medications may be prescribed.

Specific treatments

But specific treatments will be given according to the diagnosis. In case of migraine, it is generally prescribed against attacks of dihydroergotamine or triptans. Or when the seizures are repeated as long-term treatments as a beta-blocker.

For other types of rarer and more specific headaches (cluster headache, aneurysm related ...), the intervention of a pain specialist or a neurologist will propose the precise treatment.

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