Paget's disease: the treatments

Current treatments for Paget's disease are effective, but the disease can re-offend: patients will be medically monitored by regular radiological and biological assessments.

The treatment is based on bisphosphonates, they are anti-osteoclastic drugs that will limit the acitvity of osteoclasts, and therefore the bone resorption and remodeling of bone tissue.

These medications can be prescribed with calcium and vitamin D.

The duration of treatment is a few months.

The patients who will be treated will be those whose disease is manifested by pain or if it risks developing joint, bone or neurological complications.

Some asymptomatic patients, who are doing very well, will also be treated if lesions are located in areas at risk of complications such as the base of the skull, the spine, the long bones of the lower limbs.

Analgesic drugs will be prescribed if pain is present.

Orthopedic surgery is sometimes necessary for some complications related to Paget's disease:

  • hip prostheses
  • knee prosthesis
  • orthopedic treatment of deformities and fractures.
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