Makeup for sensitive skin: the advice of dermato

Dr. Nina Roos is a dermatologist and a member of the French Society of Dermatology.

How to find the right product when you have sensitive skin?

It is indeed very difficult and it can take time. Each skin is different, so what will work for one will not necessarily work for another. It is often necessary to try several products before finding the right one, which still requires an investment, both personal and financial, because it will often be necessary to buy several which one will not necessarily necessarily in the end.
Fortunately, many specialized brands "sensitive skin" offer samples. It can be obtained from a pharmacist, for example. The good news is that we always find. You also have to learn to trust yourself and trust your skin. Even if we fumble a bit, the skin will choose for itself. What you should not do, however, is trying everything in the supermarket.

Are organic products an interesting alternative in cosmetics?

If they are guaranteed by a label, why not. Since they contain less, or fewer, irritating or allergenic ingredients (which is a problem, these are mainly synthetic fragrances, chemical dyes and preservatives), they are often better tolerated. One can also opt for the ranges "sensitive skin" spas. But in general, make-up side, always do according to what the skin tolerates.

So makeup is not forbidden when sensitive skin?

No, of course. It can even be used in "camouflage" if we have redness for example. To make it last longer, you can also mist some thermal water on your face. This helps fix the makeup. The key is to always have good hygiene (wash your hands well, do not fiddle your face) to avoid reactions.

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