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Erotic massage is a doubly effective massage technique: it allows the mind to catch daily concerns and the body to relax, all in a sensual atmosphere.

The gentle and languid movements of the massage awaken the bodies to sensuality and create a harmonious contact between the two partners. Not to mention the exotic connotation of erotic massage that will bring some spice to your preliminaries.

Use a scented oil or massage milk, which will make your caresses even sweeter; some scents have aphrodisiac power, so choose your products well.

The different techniques of erotic massage

To give a maximum of sensual pleasure thanks to very precise caresses, the erotic massage uses different techniques of massage:

  • Kneading

Kneading involves grasping a muscle mass and squeezing it between the fingers; only the thumbs and the fingertips are in action. This technique is suitable for the fleshy areas, where it releases the muscle fibers and activates the circulation.

  • The effleurage

Effleurage is used at the beginning and at the end of a massage, to soothe the body. It involves placing one's hands on the partner's body or face, fingers extended and thumbs tight, then gently stroking without exerting pressure.

  • Mixing

Kneading is the most dynamic method. The gesture is to lift the flesh with one hand and make a twisting motion with the other hand, resting on both thumbs. This technique is particularly suitable for hips and buttocks.

  • The percussion

The percussion is performed by tapping a part of the body with his hands, wrists remaining flexible. The percussion can take different forms: the hatching (the hands are vertical), the beat (the wrists are closed) or the tapping (with the end of the fingers). To use for the back, the hips and the thighs.

  • The mouth of the tiger

The mouth of the tiger takes its name from the V position obtained by spreading the thumb and forefinger. This technique allows to go up along the muscles by printing a pressure; it is particularly suitable for the legs and torso.

It is up to you to adapt these different techniques according to the reaction of your partner, who will surely have some preferences. Stay tuned to the body of the other and its reactions is indeed an infallible rule in terms of sensuality ...

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