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Thai massage: A massage session

Traditional Thai massage is practiced on the floor, on futons, in a common room most often. The catcher is dressed in a tunic and baggy trousers. For an hour or more, the massager is concentrated, in order to feel at best the currents of energy of the receiver.

The massage starts with the feet, with a massage oil; Reflexology allows the masseur to identify possible areas of tension. The pressures then extend all along the calf, to reach the knees, then the thighs. Then come various stretches: the body sometimes "crack", but it is for our greatest good!

Come round the arms and hands, with pressures at various points. Then lie on your stomach, for a massage of the back, which combines kneading and pressure. This massage of the back and the neck, often knotted because of our sedentary lifestyle, continues in a sitting position.

The session ends with a reflexology of the skull and face, as if to release the "bad energies" from above.

After a massage, Wassana advises to drink a tea and take a hot shower, to "eliminate the toxins released by the massage".


Nuod Bo'Rarn is contraindicated in people with hypertension or hypotension, diabetes, heart problems, skin problems, cancer. In case of operation or fracture, it is advisable to wait 6 months to receive a massage.

Thanks to Wassana, Director of the Wassana Thai Beauty Institute (01 40 08 07 94)

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