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Author: Dr. Julia ROUX, Gastroenterologist



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Throat cancer: symptoms - Diseases

Throat cancer: symptoms

Different symptoms should alert and encourage consultation: a sore throat that does not pass (lasting more than 15 days), the voice that remains hoarse, a cough that persists, the discovery of blood spitting, a pain in the ear, difficulty swallowing, a ganglion (a ball) under the chin or in the neck
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Alzheimer's disease - Diseases

Alzheimer's disease

" Slim ! I forgot my keys again at home! " - " Again ? Do you have Alzheimer's, or what? " This scene, you have necessarily lived. And from a certain age, the idea of ​​a possibility of Alzheimer's, you will have necessarily run a shiver in the back. We are worried and wonder if these symptoms do not correspond to the first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Al
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Narcolepsy: the symptoms - Diseases

Narcolepsy: the symptoms

The two main symptoms are: daytime sleepiness and cataplexy attacks. The narcoleptic has difficulty staying awake during the day. He is the victim of an awakening disorder, a drowsiness. This usually results in irrepressible desires to sleep at different times during the day. There is a possibility of a transient recovery through a nap, but drowsiness usually comes back a few hours later
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Cheloid scar: the treatments - Diseases

Cheloid scar: the treatments

The treatment of the cheloid scar depends on the type of scars and the patient's request. The treatments used are the following: Compression : compression measures are used to prevent the cheloid scar from growing too much (pressotherapy). It is based on custom-made compression garments, plate dressings often from the family of hydrocolloids to wear at least 12 hours a day, silicone gel or dressings
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