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Micropenis - Small Penis: Causes and Treatments

The causes are quite numerous and not really known with certainty. They can be linked to:
> a certain insensitivity to androgens (male hormones).
> a malformation, with or without anomaly, of the chromosomes.
> an environmental cause. This is the most suspected reason currently. More and more doctors and biologists believe that insecticides could cause defects in male fetal genital development in the fetus.


If the man suffers from dysmorphobia, the surgeon can not and must not do anything. Man has a mistaken mental image. Sex is not really too small, it is its mental representation that is altered. The solution is to consult a psychologist. Also beware of some internet sites where illusion merchants will not bring the real solution to the problem ...

The operation
If a surgical indication is retained, again pay attention to the miraculous and untrue proposals. Interfering improperly on a penis can have serious consequences. In fact, the surgical possibilities are not very numerous

> The section of the suspensory ligament of the penis. This is the simplest technique. The penis is attached to the pubic bone by a ligament. The section of this ligament can allow the penis to come out of the body from two to three centimeters (at most). Generally less ...

> Lipo-aspiration of lower abdominal fat. A micro-penis is sometimes associated with a belly fat. This operation can therefore bring out the penis ...

For very fine yards, grafting techniques exist to gain circumference. This affects the appearance of the penis which will be wider at rest, but not on its erect length. The surgeon incises the penis over its entire length and widens the inner envelope, with a biological patch over the entire length.

Another technique to increase the circumference is the injection of fat The latter is taken from the thighs and is injected under the skin of the penis. The risk is the occurrence of nodules.

Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.
Expert consultant: Professor Pierre Costa, andrologist urologist at the University Hospital of Nîmes.

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