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Migraine and homeopathy: what treatments?

During a migraine attack, as a homeopathic treatment, you can take 5 granules every 30 to 60 minutes, one to two remedies in case of the most similar symptoms:

Belladonna 9 CH:

When one has migraines with strong pulsations aggravated by noise or light.

Nux Vomica 9 CH:

Use for any migraine waking or occurring after an excessive meal, often aggravated by alcohol and coffee.

Iris Versicolor 9 CH:

When one is subject to heavy vomiting during ophthalmic migraine, predominant days off or early holidays.

Ignatia 9 CH:

To take if the migraine occurs as a result of annoyances.

Cyclamen Europaeum 9 CH:

In cases of catamenial migraines accompanied by vertigo, maximum during menstruation.

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