Migraine: the advice of the specialist doctor

Interview with Dr. Marc Schwob, neuropsychiatrist and founder of France Migraine association.

Concretely, from when should one consult for a migraine?

As soon as she starts to become disabling. It is up to the migraine sufferer to decide the disability threshold. In general, I recommend to consult as soon as possible, because the faster will take care of, the more chance to get by. This is even more true for children, 10% of whom are migraine sufferers.

Are migraine sufferers more or less at risk of developing a brain tumor or stroke?

It is true that there is a little more risk of stroke in migraine patients, especially smokers migraine contraceptive pills.

But with regard to the tumor, there is little more risk of developing one than the rest of the population.

"The advantage" of being migrainous is that one is in principle more medically supervised than other people, which implies that in the case of a possible problem, it will be detected earlier and we can thus remedy it faster.

What do you think of so-called parallel or mild medicines (acupuncture, homeo, even hypnosis) to solve the problem of migraines?

I am very supportive in addition. They are effective to accompany classic treatments. Hypnosis in particular, gives very good results in 3 or 4 sessions, to relieve themselves during crises.

Can we cure migraines?

I say yes: you can definitely cure migraines, but it takes a certain time to get there, and do not hesitate to reconsult if treatment does not provide satisfaction.

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