Migraine: sources and notes

Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Dr. Marc Schwob, neuropsychiatrist, founder of France migraine association.


- National Agency for Accreditation and Health Evaluation (ANAES). Recommendations for clinical practice. Diagnostic and therapeutic management of migraine in adults and children. Recommendations, October 2002.

Henry P. et al, Prevalence and clinical characteristics migraine in France, Neurology, 2002, 59, pp 232-37.

- Géraud G. et al., Positron emission tomography in migraine. Rev. Neurl 2005; 161, pp 666-70.

Useful addresses :
> www.sosmigraine.com
> www.lamigraine.org
> www.migraine.crp-sante.lu
> www.migraine-cephalee.com

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