Mission beautiful buttocks: buttocks exercise video

To have beautiful buttocks, you have to move, but no matter how!

Indeed, in order to have a well-toned and rebounded buttocks, it is essential to do targeted exercises. The gluteal exercises, it does not speak to you? Do not panic ! We asked two coaches to show us simple and effective gluteal exercises, all on video! E n fitness room or swimming pool .... It's up to you to choose your training mode!

Gluteal exercises at the pool

Are you a fan of the pool? Why not try water aerobics to pamper yourself - and at the same time carve a nice muscular butt? You may not know it, but the resistance of the water (much higher than that of the air) increases the effectiveness of the exercises, without asking too much the joints (which are relieved thanks to the weightlessness in the water)!

You are convinced? So follow the advice of our coach Jean-S├ębastien! It shows you two exercises that will allow you to tone your buttocks in no time, provided you repeat them regularly.

Discover our video Aquagym:

Simple exercises and effective, to perform in the water, and the advice of the coach to have a nice firm and well-shaped buttocks.

Gluteal exercises in gym or at home

The pool is not for you? Do you prefer dry land? No problem !

Here are gluteal exercises in pictures, that our coach Lydie explains just for you. The advantage: you can do these exercises quietly at home, on a small floor mat, which can be easily included in your daily life. And we all know it: perseverance is the key to success. So, hold on!

Check out our video with exercises in the gym:

How to strengthen the glutes? Here are some exercises and tips from our video coach to show pretty shapely buttocks.

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