My child does not sleep well!

Sleep disorder in children is a persistent alteration in the quality or quantity of the child's sleep.

Sleep disorder in children can take the form of dyssomnia - that is to say, trouble falling asleep and early awakening - or parasomnia: nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking, bruxism, paralysis of the child. sleep and somniloquy.

One in four children under 6 is affected by sleep difficulties. This is not surprising, since sleep learning goes hand in hand with separation management. However, the latter can involve a period, more or less long, of learning and adaptation. Therefore, when the difficulty of sleep is temporary or episodic, without associated mental disorder, the management is simply a sleep education.

On the other hand, if the difficulty persists and / or is associated with physical, school or mental difficulties, the care must be based on a complete and specialized evaluation.

The duration and quality of sleep required (per day) vary with age:

  • Newborns: between 14 and 17 hours
  • Infants under 1 year old: between 12 and 15 hours
  • Infants under 2 years old: between 11 and 14 hours
  • Child under 5: between 10 and 13 hours (with gradual disappearance of naps around 3 years)
  • Children over 5: 9 to 11 hours
  • Teenagers: between 8 and 10 hours

These sleep needs vary from person to person. To evaluate the severity of the sleep disorder, it is important to observe the consequences of this disorder: fatigue of the day, concentration disorder, drowsiness, drop in school results, irritability, etc.

In the face of a sleep disorder, especially in the very small, the first evaluation must be done by a pediatrician or a general practitioner, in order to eliminate a physical pathology. Finally, without physical cause found, the care can be done by a pediatrician, a child psychiatrist and / or a child psychologist.

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