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Bodybuilding: Muscle Arms and Belly

Exercises to strengthen the arms

- Shoulders: (accessory: a stick)
Start: Stand upright, feet slightly apart, legs slightly bent, back straight. Grab the stick at both ends and place it behind your neck.
Execution: Inhale and lift the stick vertically, to the sky, without arching the back, exhale at the end of the effort. Return to the starting position and start again. Do 5 sets of 12 repetitions with one minute of recovery.

- Triceps and pecs: (accessories: dumbbells)
Start: Lie on your back, take a dumbbell (load 2 to 6 kg according to your abilities) with both hands and extend your arms towards the ceiling. Your legs are bent over your chest so as not to arch your lower back.
Execution: Inhale as you inflate your chest as much as possible and slowly lower the dumbbell to the floor behind your head, bending your elbows slightly. Exhale by bringing the dumbbell arm extended to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions with 1 minute of recovery.

> The good sport to strengthen your arms: the rower (indoor) or rowing (outdoor).

> To see also our video: The aquagym to strengthen the upper body!

Simple but effective exercises to perform in the water to have a nice chest and tonic arms.

Exercises to strengthen your stomach

- Dig your belly
Start: Get on all fours on the floor.
Execution: Inhale through the nose and on a long expiration bring your belly up. Hold this abdominal cavity for 6 seconds. And repeat 6 times, during 4 series.

- Obliques
Start: Lie on your back, place your right ankle on your left bent leg (the other foot flat on the floor), place your left hand on the left temple and your right hand on your right hip.
Execution: Inhale and lift the chest by rolling forward while bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Exhale while moving. Return to the initial position by unrolling your back to the shoulder blades in a slow way and start again.
Do 4 sets of 15 repetitions left and right with 1 minute of recovery.

> The good sport to strengthen your stomach: swimming, a very complete sport.

> See also our video: 5 exercises to strengthen the abdominals

Our coach offers exercises that work the abdominal muscles to have a flat stomach and tonic.

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