To be healthy, the body needs energy and nutrients . The proteins, carbohydrates , lipids and dietary fiber that are brought into the daily diet , are, as such, essential for maintaining a good physiology of the different tissues of the body.

Here is the essential information to know about these essential nutrients for our well-being!

The proteins

These large molecules, also called proteins, are essential for the proper functioning of the body. For example, collagen, the main element of connective tissue; keratin, present in the skin; and hemoglobin, a component of blood, are proteins.

During digestion and metabolism, proteins are transformed into amino acids that are then used for tissue renewal and construction. Among these amino acids, eight are said to be essential, because the body can not synthesize them: they must therefore be brought by food.

Proteins can not be stored: this is why it should be consumed on a daily basis so that the body is not deficient in protein, and therefore forced to tap into his muscles and other tissues, the protein he needs. . Nutrition professionals agree that one gram of protein per day per kilo of body weight must be consumed, that is, for a person weighing 65 kg, 65 g of protein per day. In the daily diet, 15% of the daily energy intake must be made by the proteins.

Good to know: high protein foods

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