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Palpitations: treatments

When, according to the doctor consulted, heart palpitations are innocuous, do not correspond to any anomaly of the heartbeat, they do not require any particular treatment, disappearing by themselves after a few seconds. Even if they are sometimes embarrassing, they should not worry the patient.

The doctor can also advise to reduce or even stop the consumption of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol. in case of excess.

If the palpitations are due to stressful situations or a strong psychic load, relaxation exercises can be indicated, provisions to prevent stress can also help. After medical advice, the practitioner will certainly recommend to practice a sport regularly (rather endurance).

On the other hand, if a specific disease causes palpitations, it must be treated. For example, if a heart rhythm disorder, such as atrial fibrillation (atrial fibrillation) is diagnosed, it can be treated with antiarrhythmic drugs, or also cardiac electroshock. In some cases, implantation of a pacemaker is indicated.

The opinion of a cardiologist rhythmologist may be necessary.

If a thyroid problem is the cause of palpitations, a specific treatment is indicated.

Note: It is not recommended to use sedative drugs without prior medical advice. If you think you need tranquilizers, talk to your doctor: he will guide you and possibly tell you other alternatives. If you are used to drinking a lot of coffee or smoking, you should first try to reduce - or stop altogether - consumption.

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