Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Dermatology
Active ingredients: Sulfur, Zinc undecylenate, Bismuth gallate, Levomenthol, Camphor, Salicylic acid, Zinc oxide, Boric acid, Lavandin
laboratory: Richard

Powder for local application
100 g powder bottle
All forms


Adjunctive treatment of pruritus.

Posology PAPS Powder for local application 100 g powder bottle

Dust the lesions 2 to 3 times a day and massage gently.

Against indications

- Hypersensitivity to one of the constituents: salicylic acid.
- Infant under 30 months old.
- Child with a history of febrile seizures.
- History of epileptic seizure.
- Do not apply on breasts when breastfeeding.
Breast-feeding: It is preferable not to use this drug because of the lack of kinetic data on the passage of terpene derivatives in milk and their potential neurological toxicity in infants

Paps side effects

Due to the presence of terpene derivatives and in case of non-compliance with recommended doses
- risk of seizures in infants and children;
- possibility of agitation and confusion in the elderly.

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